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In order to promote a multi-disciplinary study on “Science, Ethics and Democracy” at Tel Aviv University, the Center provides annual research and teaching grants for senior faculty researchers.

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Winners for 2013/14

Winners of the Center’s research grants for the year 2013-14

Name Affiliation Research Title
Menachem Mautner and Noa Neeman Zauderer Law and Philosophy The Unifying Approach of Benedict Spinoza to Science Ethics and Democracy
Jose Brunner History and Psychology The New Social Contract and Techniques of Resilience
Karen Avraham and Amos Shapira Medicine and Law Ethical Aspects of Genetic Testing of Deafness
Ehud Lamm Philosophy Big Data in Democratic Societies
Michael Zakim History Democracy in America: Tocqueville and the study of Liberalism

Winners for 2014/15

Winners of the Center’s research grants for the year 2014-15

Name Affiliation Research Title
Vered Maimon and Ruthie Ginsburg Arts Civil Photography: Between Collaboration and Emancipation
Uriya Shavit Humanities Science and the Freedom of Science in Contemporary Islamic Thought
Noah Lewin-Epstein and Alexandra Kalev Social Sciences Equality at Work: The Integration versus Segmentation in the employment of Professional Palestinian-Israeli Women