Project Description

David Heyd is the Chaim Perelman Chair in philosophy at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. His main topics of interest are ethical theory, political philosophy and bioethics. In the latter field Heyd wrote the first introductory book on medical ethics in Hebrew, a book (Genethics) which deals with the issue of the moral standing of future people (which is particularly relevant to genetic technologies), and numerous articles on such topics as experimentation on human subjects, wrongful life claims, prenatal diagnosis, Plato’s concept of health, and sex selection. Heyd has published extensively on other spheres of ethics and society, primarily on the idea of toleration and issues of social and intergenerational justice.

Beyond his academic work in bioethics, Heyd has taken an active part in the public debates about and the formation of laws and regulations on a wide array of bioethical issues in Israel. He served as a member of government committees on surrogacy, euthanasia, organ donation, and genetic technologies, and was a member of the National Council for Bioethics, Hadassah’s Helsinki committee, the ethics committee of the Israel Association of Fertility, and head of the ethics in research committee of the Hebrew University.